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Ever want to know what it was like to actively battle Twitch Chat? Find out! Kill the Streamer will read the chat of a Twitch chat room and spawn enemies based on the commands that the users say, in real time. The game currently features:

  • Over 15 different weapons, each highly unique.
  • 6 different enemies, each based on a global Twitch emote.

The game is currently under development by a group of students from the Rochester Institute of Technology. Some small polishes to still come, but it's otherwise complete.

Install instructions

  1. Unzip the zip.
  2. Open up config.txt (with notepad or whatever)
  3. You'll need to setup a simple bot account to read the chat for the game to work. You can use your account, or create a new one, it's up to you. We suggest creating a new account, but whatever works. Replace <botnamehere> with the username of the bot account. This bot will not post in chat, it just reads.
  4. You'll need the oauth of the bot. Go to https://twitchapps.com/tmi/ and connect your account with it. Copy the oauth key (specifically the part AFTER "oauth:") and paste it where <oauthhere> is. This allows us to "log in" with the bot so we can read messages.
  5. Put the username of the channel you want to read messages from in <channelnamehere>. This is the channel the bot will look for commands from. If you wanted to, two streamers could put the same channel here and fight the same enemies.
  6. Launch the exe!


KillTheStreamer 15 MB

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